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Acting on real-time insights to transform your business!
  • Acting on real-time insights to transform your business!

  • Determine why it is happening

  • Predict what is likely to happen and prescribe the best action to take.

We help our Clients grow their businesses in entirely new ways, The most crucial aspect of this process is the ability to get insights from your data – it lets you make faster and smarter decisions as you tackle your most complex business issues.

With the help of Nebula’s Analytics expertise, our clients have-

  • Cut the time from insights to action.

  • Enabled their business users to take better decisions

  • Empowered people at all levels to act with confidence

  • Unveiled answers to problems they never thought to ask


Business Intelligence

We help our Clients solve complex business challenges with advanced business analytics and offer a BI Solution that can be easily deployed and used.

Nebula helps clients build comprehensive business intelligence solutions on the platform of their choice. We have seasoned professionals trained in all the major business intelligence platforms. Having formed alliances with all the major business intelligence platforms, Nebula can recommend the platform that best meets the clients’ needs.

Nebula covers the full spectrum of services for BI projects which includes end to end development of BI Solutions, ETL scripts, Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Marts. We also provide Master Data Management strategies for building of Enterprise Data Warehouse. Our methodology results in the delivery of enterprise level Dashboards.

  • Automate Data Warehouse

  • Data mining

  • Enterprise BI 

  • Mobile BI 

  • BI Maturity & Assessment

  • Campaign Management

  • Data Monetization


Machine Learning

Data mining to classify, cluster, and segment the data and automatically find associations and rules in the data that may signify interesting patterns, including those related to fraud.
Neural networks that can learn suspicious patterns from samples and used later to detect them.
Identify unusual patterns of access, changes and data exfiltration
Expert systems to encode expertise for detecting fraud in the form of rules.
Predictive Modeling using Proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.
Machine learning and anomaly detection based on identities
Expert systems to encode expertise for detecting fraud in the form of rules.
Machine learning techniques to automatically identify characteristics of fraud.
Prescriptive Analytics providing optimal solution for the future scenario.

Custom Development & Process Optimization

Our custom application development team helps you address emerging business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building custom applications to meet your business requirements. This also comes with Maintenance services to maximize your existing IT applications through offshore-ability analysis, maintenance, and enhancement.

Wide Range of Support

Our Custom Application Management practice offers a wide range of support services for various platforms and technologies.

Global Delivery Model

Our development partner brings in a successful Global Delivery Model which is based on industry-standard process quality frameworks (such as CMMi, CMM) and uses rigorous methodologies and expertise from its Centers of Excellence to alleviate risk and deliver cost and time-to-market benefits.


Legacy Modernization

Our Legacy application modernization services help modernize legacy systems to boost flexibility, lessen threat, and disruption with lesser costs.

Nebula’s application modernization solutions help improve legacy systems to improve flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and cost. We enable you to address issues in the legacy system such as multiple technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, unsupported systems, dwindling employee expertise, lack of integration and Web capabilities.

Many businesses have a lot of valuable data on their legacy systems which is not very easy to migrate to new platforms due to the cost, complexity, and risk of impacting current operations. When time comes to help such businesses improve decision making and operational efficiencies by incorporating latest business intelligence tools, they are left helpless, as up-to-date business information is not available for such analysis as that data is on legacy platforms.

Nebula Partners offer a cost-effective way to unlock this valuable information which resides in legacy data systems using a solution with guaranteed lower TCO.

  • Significant business benefits by modernizing your applications without fear of losing valuable data and files where and when needed, across the maze of heterogeneous systems.

  • Reduced cost of wait times associated with information that is needed for BI, analytics, and reporting by making the data structures easily available.

  • Avoid revenue loss due to outdated operational data or the cost of dissatisfied customers who must wait for information.

  • Using Project Accelerator, you can do more with fewer resources and spend time creating value for your internal customers instead of a lengthy migration project.


Big Data

Do you know what your data is doing?

Big Data is changing the dynamics within organizations, Insights from big data can empowers all employees to make better decisions—deepening engagement management, optimizing operations, avoiding threats and fraud, and capitalizing on new sources of revenue.

This has escalated the demand for data insights which requires a primarily new approach to architecture, tools and practices.

Do you know what your data is doing?

As per study conducted by Gartner by 2015, the need for data and analytics resources will reach 4.4 million jobs globally, but only one-third of those jobs will be filled. The emerging role of data scientist is meant to fill that skills gap. While big data can provide significant value, it also presents significant risk. Organizations must be proactive about privacy, security and governance to ensure all data and insights are protected and secure.

  • Big Data Management

  • Big Data Integration

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Big Data Applications

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