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Nebula’s team of consultants have a unique blend of technical and functional expertise and as SME’s they work with you as a team to accelerate the process to make better decisions. Using agile methodologies to condense time-to-value  and openly communicate with you to co-create plans and execute them. We are passionate about our work and each project and customer is equally valuable for us as we believe in customer’s success as our success.

 Nebula Partners is an enterprise solution company based in Atlanta and  provides custom information technology, consulting and business intelligence solutions. 

 As experienced IT, Marketing and Business operations executives we pride ourselves, on our ability to logically solve today’s problems in light of the long term solutions and partnership.

We deploy enterprise grade business intelligence solution within weeks, using our configurable solution framework with ready-to-use industry specific starter packs. Our solution accelerator platform unlocks the data and analyzes to support your ability to make better decisions by bending your BI cost curve.
Our goal is to extend or automate quantitative processes into your business for a better decision making discipline- to create tangible benefits for you. Let the system do the heavy lifting, from data mining to statistical analysis to predictive analysis to complex event processing so you and your team can focus on your clients. 

We service clients across the country from different verticals like Financial services, Utilities etc. For example, we recently provided a data communications solution for a multi-billion dollar medical insurance provider that enabled patient data to be delivered real-time. In the context of the larger intelligence design for them, this set the first step in creating a wholly connected real time patient data exchange that will increase the likelihood of accurate and timely diagnosis.

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